About Us

myBigLeap works on helping Students making better career choices, by unearthing their interests, seeking their passions.

We all have been the subject of the Indian Education system, that just enables us to become only engineers or doctors, but kills our creativity & passions. So, we would like to change that!  We are not looking for the light, we’re looking for magic.

The Team

Ahmed Khan, Founder

Ahmed Khan, Founder & CEO


Who founded this while having a crazy brainstorming session on the topics, ‘how to make the world just not a better, but a friggin’ awesome place’, was to look into the education system, unearth our own Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerbergs & so on. myBigLeap, is his brain child and he takes the wackiness in putting up all the team meetings





Waseem Muhammed KhanMD & CFO

MD, mybigleap

Waseem Muhammed Khan, MD & CFO


Who co-founded this, helps inspire the team mates, comes up with really cool ideas, and helps in gaining momentum in every project we do. He is basically willing to listen to anyone who makes sense and will do anything to contribute to the cause, and is obsessed with passion, perfection and better this world.



Rizwan KhanCTO & NATA Co-Ordinator

CTO, mybigleap

Rizwan Khan, CTO & NATA Co-ordinator

He is the guy in action, making calls, sitting down with ideas, and creating mind-blowing designs to help us propel forward and make this a very sweet flight. He’s an architect, and loves designs, needless to say. He also co-ordinates the architecture entrance coaching, NATA (National Aptitude test in Architecture) which help and enables students to ace this exam and secure a seat in the Architecture Colleges.

So, are you ready to take part in making the magic?


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