Workshop 4

This time at Workshop 4, we had a great set of 12th graders attend it. Shabbir, one of them who attended the program, expressed he wanted to become a cardiologist, and we were throughly happy, because 2 of us are doctors, and finally someone who has interest in our area decided to come attend the workshop.

“One-on-One mentoring was very exhaustive, a clearly gave me an idea of what I should be planning” – Toufeeq Ahmed expressed. Rabia Shaik, one of our celebrated guest speakers discussed with them what their possibilities were, how important was to plan what they wanted after the exam results were published.

After which we had a brief Q&A session, in which one of the attendees wanted to know more about the careers in the gaming industry, and wanted to join Zapak. We spoke to him saying there are bigger and better opportunities, and how he should be pursuing his bachelors in either computer science or learning softwares and coding used in the gaming dev/production.

Prize Distribution

After which we had snacks and refreshments followed by the presentation of the memento to the guest speaker, Ms. Rabia Shaik. Thank you so much for being part of us.


Workshop 3, what fun!

We at mybigleap, believe that change can only be brought with a conscious and jolly step forward, with the power of dreams, ambitions and passions. This is example of how much fun we actually have!